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WW1 Roll of Honour

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One of the areas we have been focusing on in our Volunteer lead research program is the Luton Hoo Estate Roll on Honour. We have a remembrance day display listing these men and the further research we have done on the impact of WW1, including what happened to the women left behind.

One area of research is focusing on the Luton Hoo Estate WW1 Roll of Honour. 99 workers, who went to war from the Luton Hoo Estate, are listed on the Roll of Honour. Each is recorded by Surname, Initials, Rank, Regiment, Estate Department and other Remarks.

The 20 casualties were:



DEVIS Sidney Arnold Bell

DYER Joshua

EVANS Walter George

FARR Frank

FAUCHAUX Henri Jules Hippolyte


FENWICK George Alfred


HARRIS Ernest Sylvester

HOWARD Herbert Alfred

HUNT Charles Henry

KIBBLE Wilfred John


KING Cyril William

NEVISON George Robert

ROLFE Albert

STEVENS Ernest William


Research is being undertaken to find out the full details of all those who went to war. If you can help then please contact the Luton Hoo Estate, the research team would love to hear from you!