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2020 Season Ticket holders - Information

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2020 Season Ticket holders - Information
Information for season ticket holders at the Walled Garden for the 2020 season

Season Ticket Holders - 2020 

2020 has been the year that didn't happen at the Walled Garden. 

We have hosted 0 events, opened for 0 Open Wednesdays and there have been 0 opportunities to visit the Walled Garden. 

Anybody with season tickets may feel a little ... short changed?

Not any more.  We have extended all 2020 Season tickets to run throughout our 2021 Season.  We are extremely hopeful that we will be able to return to our seasonal programme and open our doors every Wednesday in 2021, from the first week in May to the last in September.  

Although work has slowed in the garden, exciting preparations are afoot to celebrate our 20th Anniversary. 

 Book your tickets (FOC) here: TICKETS 

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We cannot wait to welcome visitors back to the garden and we are so happy to be able to continue welcoming our season tickets holders throughout 2021.