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Family Activities - Back garden BUG HUNT

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Family Activities - Back garden BUG HUNT
Follow the fun guide to create your own back garden Bug Hunt

Have you ever thought of holding a ... 

Back Garden Bug Hunt?

Have fun - get out in the fresh air - learn all about our garden friends and foe

Little wellies in the garden:

1. Make a list of the all the bugs you would like to find.

(Be careful not to touch the bugs that might sting or bite you)

2. Take a picture or draw each bug as you find it.

3. Tick off the bugs you find from your list.

Get help identifying the bugs at:

4. How many bugs did you find?

5. Could you identify them all?

6. Choose one bug and find out:

What does this bug eat?

Is it a gardening friend or foe?

Bigger wellies in the garden:


1. A white pillowcase laid on or under a garden bush or tree is a great way to attract bugs.

2. Make a wall chart showing each bug and tick off each time it is seen on your garden visits.

3. Encourage children to return all bugs to their garden homes.

The first part of this project is outside, finding and identifying garden critters.  The second is based on research through books or the internet. 

Craft activities suggestions can be found at:

And finally, listen to 'The ugly Bug Ball' at:

and don't forget to have fun - from all at the Walled Garden, Luton Hoo Estate.