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Family Activities - Make a Little Garden

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Family Activities - Make a Little Garden
Using things you might usually throw away or recycle, make a little garden to watch things grow at home

Big Wellies

Parents and carers, you will need:

 Used tin cans - Scrap material – Scissors – Ruler – Chalk – Glue – Compost - A handful of small stones from the garden - Seeds [or young plant]

 .     Make sure the can is washed clean and the lid is completely removed

(with no jagged edges or sharp bits)

.     Drill drainage holes in the bottom of the can

.     Measure and mark with chalk a strip of material to wrap round the can

 Little Wellies

 (With help) Cut the piece of material to wrap around the can (following the chalk marks)

Paint the material with glue and wrap around the can (Let the glue dry)

Place the stones in the bottom of the can

Fill the container with compost or nicely mixed mud from the garden to within 2cm of the top

Following the directions on your seed packet, sow your seeds and cover with a little more compost/mud

Sprinkle the planted seeds with water

Place the can on a small plate or bowl to catch any water that seeps through

Check the top of the can every day for green shoots to appear – Be patient it could take 2-3 weeks!

Keep the water moist and put the pot in a bright place but not in direct sunlight (or follow the directions on the seed packet)

** Instead of cans you could use large yogurt pots or jam jars – Be careful with all sharp edges and things that can smash!

Instead of seeds you could plant a young plant

 Watch your little garden grow!