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Family Activities - Getting ready for Easter

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Family Activities - Getting ready for Easter
Use plants to dye eggs in times for Easter

Plant dyed Easter Eggs

What you'll need

Hard boiled eggs - cooled

White vinegar

Cups or old containers

Elastic bands

Wax crayon


Red – red onion skins or beetroot juice

Orange – yellow onion skins

Yellow –  tumeric

Green – spinach

Blue – leaves from a red cabbage

What to do

Ask a grown – up to help you hard boil some eggs and then leave them until they are cool.

  1. Decide what colours you would like to decorate your eggs (see the list above). To add extra patterns on to your egg you can use elastic bands or a wax crayon, the dye will not cover these areas.
  2. Mix a cup of boiled water with 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and add the egg and colour ingredients.
  3. Leave in the cup or container overnight for a deeper colour and make sure that the dye covers all of the egg.
  4. Remove the egg from the dye solution and leave to dry