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Unlocking after lock down

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Plans for unlocking both the Volunteer Project and the Walled Garden after the easing of Government guidelines for COVID19

Volunteers begin to return to the Walled Garden

Today we are very happy to be able to welcome a small contingent of volunteers to the Walled Garden as we begin our slow return to the Walled Garden Volunteer Project. The Covid19 crisis has meant that our plans for the garden’s continued care and development have been drastically interrupted. Volunteering has been on hold and the garden (as much as possible) has been managed on essential watering and maintenance work only. However, like the Walled Garden, our volunteers are incredibly resilient, and they have waiting patiently (and made industrious use of their time away) until the time is right to begin the return.
We are also continuing to look at different ways and opportunities to open the garden to the public. We are not there yet, but watch this space!

To all Volunteers of the Walled Garden Project starting today -

You are most welcome!