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3. Design a fairy door for the Woodland Walk between the Walled Garden and the Woodyard Coffee Shop

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Let your creative skills go wild as you design a fairy door for the Woodland Walk

Our fairies are always decorating!  This year is no exception.  We have recently helped out our funny fairy friends by removing some old and dangerous trees that were bothering them.  Their new homes have more light, more butterflies and bees, but horrible old doors.

Can you help?

Little Welly Fairy Door Instructions:

You will need:

A4 Paper or card

Something to decorate your door:

(Pens Pencils- Felt tips- Paint- Stickers- Glitter- Ribbons- Seeds- Buttons- Glue- Tape)

You should fill as much of an A4 sheet as you can, arched at one end for the top of the doorway.  Don't forget fairy people love colour!  

Big Welly Tips:

When you have finished please email a picture of your door to: (and tag your pics on instagram with #fairydoorsatlutonhooestate) 

With your name, age, and return email address*.  We will let you know the winners by: 30 April 2020.

And don't forget to have fun - From all at the Walled Garden, Luton Hoo Estate!

Your email address will not be shared or used for any purpose other than this competition and in line with GDPR guidelines