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Updates from the Estate regarding the ongoing coronavirus situation
Coronavirus Updates
Updates from the Estate and information for families isolating.
1. Family Fun in isolation from the Walled Garden
If you have to stay at home there are so many ways the garden can be a great way to help you keep active, get out and about in the fresh air and learn all about things that grow.
2. Family Activities - Back Garden Bug Hunt
Follow the fun guide from the Walled Garden and have a 'Back Garden Bug Hunt!'
3. Design a fairy door for the Woodland Walk between the Walled Garden and the Woodyard Coffee Shop
Let your creative skills go wild as you design a fairy door for the Woodland Walk
4. Family Activities - Flowers of the rainbow
So many people are taking part in the 'Rainbow in your window' fun (posting homemade rainbow pictures, paintings and craft in your window so that young families can 'hunt' them down on their daily walks)
5. Family Activities - The next David Hockney?
Using the Garden in Springtime as inspiration draw, paint, chalk, craft or create your own idea of SPRING!
6. Family Activities - Spring Wordsearch
Can you find all the spring bugs and flowers in our wordsearch (there are 25 all together)
7. Family Activities - Make a little garden
Make a little garden using things you might usually throw away or recycle - decorate and watch your garden grow!
8. Family Activities - Get crafty with NGS
Craft activities for the family from NGS
9. Family Activities - My garden rocks!
Paint your garden rocks and decorate your garden
10. Family Activities - Miriam Stirling Downloads
Download and print these wonderful illustrations from Miriam Stirling.
11. Family Activities - Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust Activities
Educational activities with our flora and fauna at their heart from the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust
12. Family Activities - Wildlife Trusts BCN
Stay connected to nature while in lockdow.
13. Family Activities from the Royal Horticultural Society
Family fun garden ideas, activities and information from the RHS
14. Family Activities - Bear Hunt
We're all having a garden bear hunt! - Make your bears, hide your bears, have a bear hunt!
Family Corona advice
Talking to children about the corona virus
15. Family Activities - Build an easy peasy den
Build a den in the garden so that kids can have their own space ... and maybe parents/caregivers too!
16. Family Activities - Butterfly fun
It's butterfly day in your own back garden!
The Walled Garden during social isolation
All volunteer activities are suspended during Covid lockdown - But the garden continues to grow, change and bloom!
Garden Supplies during lockdown
A handy list for garden supplies during lockdown
17. Family Activities - Identify the trees on your daily walk
Use our chart to identify the trees on your daily walk.
18. Family Activities - Grow sunflowers
Who can grow the tallest sunflowers?
What to do if you see a bee that seems to be struggling
Can you help a bee in trouble?
19. Family Activities - More fun in the garden
More ideas for fun in the garden with your young family
Unlocking after lock down
Plans for unlocking both the Volunteer Project and the Walled Garden after the easing of Government guidelines for COVID19